Training Services

Star Paws believes that every dog, including those that have developed bad behaviors ranging from mild to severe, if given the opportunity to be trained using positive reward based methods, can become well mannered pets and live happily side by side with their human companions. Positive Reward Based Training is a humane approach to training a dog and requires a great deal of patience on the part of the trainer (and owner) but the payoff is enormous, often lending itself to an intelligent and confident dog who is happy and content. It is the most effective and humane way to train a dog and doesn't resort to any negative stimuli to get desired behavioral results.

Star Paws believes that it should be "all about the dog." If the dog is trained humanely, given dignity, understanding and respect, the dog will reward it's proud owner with a lifetime of unconditional love and loyalty.

"There isn't a behavior that can't be learned or banished using Positive Reward Based Training," says Star Paws owner and lead trainer, Tammy. "The method is based on giving the dog positive experiences. Every dog and every situation is different but the method works if the trainer thinks it through and approaches the problem from the perspective of the dog."

Star Paws is focused on providing high quality service and client satisfaction. We'll do everything in our power to assure that no dog is left behind and do everything we can to meet our client's expectations. Star Paws carries a wide range of dog training services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products and services are shown below. Please call or contact us via email for more information on products, services and custom options.  

Training Packages

Phone Consultation Fees

Initial Phone Consultation. All initial phone consultations need to be scheduled in-order to find the right approach for you and your pet.

One Hour Behavioral Phone Consultation: $50.00. If you are having issues and need guidance with your dog or puppy and an on-site visit is not possible or desirable, a behavior profile can be taken over the phone. During the phone consultation, problems and objectives for training are discussed. Star Paws may use phone consultations for existing clients who are already familiar with "positive reward based" training methods. Clients may also benefit by getting professional advice and guidance on how to handle their new rescue dog or puppy and what direction to take from there to get them on the right training program. 

NOTE: Phone consultation sessions must be scheduled and paid for in advance.

One on One Personal Training

One 60-90 Minute Private Lesson (includes initial consultation if necessary):$135.00 This can be used for dogs of any age. If your goal is to start things off on the right track with your new dog or just to solve behavioral issues such as housebreaking, chewing, jumping, leash walking problems and/or aggression this one time one-on-one personal training lesson may be all that is needed to resolve the problem. Note: any behavioral problems such as urinating in the house always consult with your veterinarian to rule out any possible medical condition. 

Private Training Packages

Note: All packages must be paid for in full the same day and used within 6 months of purchase.

Puppy Package basic: $395.00 Three ( Private (3) one-hour lessons with (2) free social play-days) for pups below six months of age. This is an extremely important time in your dog’s life! Your dog will be ready to be a teenager by the time he/she is six months old. If you want to own a dog that is a joy to have around and one you can be proud of, training your dog as a puppy before it develops bad habits is the single most important thing you can do for you, your dog, family, friends and neighbors. Some of the things included in this package are housebreaking, chewing, play biting, intro to nutritional guidance, intro to basic obedience (see below) and proper manners. Puppies have no attention span that is why we have made this a one on one training course . 

Basic Obedience:$595.00  Six (6) private one-hour lessons for dogs six months or older. At this age, your dog is either in adolescence or beyond and may be exhibiting unwanted behaviors. This is a basic manners course and Star Paws will customize a package designed to train you and your dog. This program can be combined with on and off leash training depending upon your needs. Examples of behaviors covered in this package include: heel on leash, come, sit, down, stay, wait, on-by and leave it. 

Star Walk and Train: 20-60 minutes dog walking: $35.00 (per walk). Star Paws will walk, exercise and train your dog one to several walks per week. 
Classes & Lectures: We have small training module classes that work on just one specific issue: Example walking on leash with a proper meet and greet with other dogs, housebreaking, how to handle your shy dog. Educate you on how dogs play and interact, what to look out for in dog parks and more..... 

Cost: $35.00 up depending on series.

Note: Please do not feed your dog 1- hour before class and wait one hour dog after